Front Brake Pump Repair Kit SB401

Front Brake Pump Repair Kit SB401

Repair kit for the front brake pump (master cylinder) of the following models:

ER-6 A/C 2006-2007
ER-6 ABS 2009-2010
GPX750 1987-1990
GPX600R 1985-1990
GPZ1100 1995-1998
GPZ900R Ninja 1984-1994
GPZ1000RX Ninja 1986-1987
GTR1000 1986-2003
KLE650 ABS Versys 2007
KVF650/750 4WD Brute force 4x4i 2006-2010
KVF650 Prairie 2006-2009
VN2000 2004-2008
VN1500 FI N Classic 2000-2002
VN1600 A Classic 2004-2008
VN200H Classic 2008-2010
VN1600B Mean Streak 2004-2008
VN750 Vulcan 1990-2006
Z750 2004-2006
Z1000 2003-2006
ZL900 Eliminator 1985-1986
ZL1000 Eliminator 1987-1988
ZR5500 Zephyr 1991-2000
ZR750 Zephyr 1991-2003
ZR1100 Zephyr 1991-1997
ZRX1100 1996-2000
ZRX1200R 2001-2006
ZX-10 B Tomcat 1988-1990
ZX-12R A Ninja 2000-2006
ZX-6R 6362002
ZX-6R Ninja 1995-2002
ZX-7R Ninja 1996-2002
ZX-7RR Ninja 1996-1999
ZX-9R Ninja/Katana 1994-2003
ZXR750 1989-1995
ZXR750R 1993-1995
ZZR600 2007-2008
ZZR1200 2002-2005
ZZR1100 1990-1992
ZZR600(E) 1993-2006

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  • Brand: Tour Max
  • Product Code: WN-TM-SB401
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 24.99€
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