Seals and Plugs

Seals and Plugs

Seals and Gaskets

Seals, gaskets and plugs for Keihin and Mikuni carburetors for Suzuki motorcycles.


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Breather T

Pieza/Part SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeT-Respiradero/Breather T13684-20C10-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearGSXR1100Mikuni BST361989-19..

7.46€ Ex Tax: 6.17€

Float Bowl Seal Suzuki AN 400 Burgman

Pieza/Part SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket13251-15F00-000-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearsSuzuki AN 400 Bu..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 5.70€

KH-06 Top Cover Gasket

Original Keihin float bowl gasket for Keihin FCR carburetorsManufacturers Part NumberKawasaki92200-1116Models ZX750K1/K2 Ninja ZX-7R ..

7.85€ Ex Tax: 6.49€

KH-119 Float Bowl Gasket

Original Keihin float bowl gasket for Keihin FCR carburetorsKawasaki ModelsZX750K1/K2 Ninja ZX-7R 1992-1993 (ZXR750R)ZX750M1/M2 Ninja ZX-7R 19..

13.90€ Ex Tax: 11.49€

Mikuni Fuel inlet/Fuel Pipe O-rings

Pieza/Part YAMAHANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeTóricas Entrada Combustible/O´ring Fuel Pipe36Y-1414700-Modelo/ModelTipo Carburador/Carbureto..

9.80€ Ex Tax: 8.10€

Mikuni Jet Plug

Original Mikuni jet plug for Suzuki motorcycles equipped with Mikuni carburetors ModelsGS1000 from 1980GS550 from 1980GS750 from 1980GS..

4.99€ Ex Tax: 4.12€

Mikuni Throttle Shaft Seal

Pieza/Part SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeRetén Eje Mariposa/Throttle Shaft Seal-2 unidades/unitsModelo/ModelTipo Carburador/Carburetor..

9.99€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

Mikuni Throttle Valve Guide O-ring E100525

2 x Mikuni Throttle Valve Guide O-ring type E100525 for N189127-Kit throttle valve guide...

3.33€ Ex Tax: 2.75€

Seal MK-181

Float bowl gasket for the Mikuni BS26 carburetor ..

4.90€ Ex Tax: 4.05€

Seal MK-32

Seal Float Bowl ORIGINAL Mikuni for the following models:Suzuki OEM Part Number 13251-42A00Models Suzuki DF125E(E4) 1998-2000 DR125SE (E28/..

10.67€ Ex Tax: 8.82€

Fuel Inlet T Kit

Fuel Inlet "T" Kit for Mikuni BST y BDST.Suzki part number OEM = 13685-44B00 (T) OEM = 13673-44B00 (Reten)Suzuki Models DR750 ..

26.89€ Ex Tax: 22.22€

Fuel T Seal kit

Kit of 4 fuel T inlet seals for for carburetor type Mikuni BST y BDST.OEM Part Number Suzuki OEM = 13685-44B00 (T) OEM = 13673-44B00 (Reten)..

30.23€ Ex Tax: 24.99€

Seal KH-K35

Usable with Kawasaki models OEM Part Number = 92055-1222ZG 1200 Voyager ZRX 1200R ZR 1100 Zephyr ZRX 1100 ZG 1000 Concours ZL 1000 Eliminato..

6.03€ Ex Tax: 4.98€

Seal MK-21MG

Usable onOEM Part Number OEM = 4XV-14562-00-00Models YamahaBT1100 TDM850 from 1999 YZF1000 - BDSR38 YZFR1 - BDSR40 1999-2001 XVZ13 Ro..

10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.42€

Seal MK-27

Pieza/Part KAWASAKI-SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket11009-156316019-03013251-4301013251-43011Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAño..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 5.70€

Seal M-43

Pieza/Part KAWASAKI-SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberJunta Tapa/Top Cover Gasket16019-03113266-43010-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearKawasaki Z1000A1/..

3.90€ Ex Tax: 3.22€

Seal Mikuni TMX38-2/5

Pieza/Part HONDANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket16163-KZ4-L22TMX38-2/TMX38-5Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearCR125R..

11.98€ Ex Tax: 9.90€

O-ring Mikuni Pilot Screw

4 x Seal O-ring pilot mixture screw for Mikuni..

15.39€ Ex Tax: 12.72€

Seal MK-37

Usable with Suzuki and Yamaha modelsOEM Part Number OEM = 3F7-14984-00-00 OEM = 2A2-14984-01Models XS 400 SR-250 Sanglas 400YSuzuki O..

5.93€ Ex Tax: 4.90€

Seal MK-13

Usable with Suzuki modelsOEM Part Number OEM = 13251-38A00VS1400 Intruder Front cyclinder VS800 Intruder Front cyclinder VX800 Front cyclin..

9.04€ Ex Tax: 7.47€

Seal MK-43

Usable on modelsSuzuki RGV250 Aprilia RS250..

10.77€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

Seal K41

Seal Original MikuniOEM Part Number Suzuki 13258-44B00Models Suzuki DR250 1990-1995 Suzuki DR350 - 1990-1997 BST33 Suzuki GSF400 - BST33 ..

10.29€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

KH-113 Keihin PWK33-41 mm, PJ34-38mm

Seal ORIGINAL Keihin usable with 33-41mm and PJ34-38mmOEM Part Number Gas-Gas 16163-N04-7510-M Honda16163-KZ3-B10,16163-KZ4-J01 Kawasaki OEM = ..

10.77€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

KH-113 Keihin PWK33-41 mm, PJ34-38mm

Seal ORIGINAL Keihin usable with 33-41mm and PJ34-38mmOEM Part NumberGas-Gas ME25000253012Kawasaki OEM = 16005-1083KTM OEM =54831028000Suzuki..

7.72€ Ex Tax: 6.38€

Seal Keihin PWK AG

Keihin float bowl seal usable withOEM Part NumberHonda OEM = 16163-KZ3-B10 Kawasaki OEM = 11060-1254 KTM OEM = 54831010000 Suzuki OEM = 13..

7.99€ Ex Tax: 6.60€

Seal KH-154

Seal ORIGINAL Keihin usable with the following modelsOEM Part NumberHonda 16163-MEB-671 Husqvarna8000A5632 Kawasaki OEM =11061-0077 KTM OE..

8.30€ Ex Tax: 6.86€

Seal KH-155

Keihin FCR-MXFloat Bowl Sealusable with the following modelsOEM Part Number Honda 16163-MEB-671 Husqvarna8000A5632 Kawasaki OEM = 92055-0066 ..

9.56€ Ex Tax: 7.90€

Seal MK-87A

Usable with Suzuki modelsOEM Part Number OEM = 13251-38A10Models VS1400 Intruder Rear cylinder VS800 Intruder Rear cylinder VX800 Re..

6.05€ Ex Tax: 5.00€

Seal MK-18

Usable onYamaha OEM Part Number OEM = 5DM-14561-00Models Yamaha XV1600 Wild Star 1999-2004 XJR1300 2002-2006 BT1100 Bulldog 2002-2006 XVS..

12.47€ Ex Tax: 10.31€

Seal MK-314

Pieza/Part YAMAHANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket13251-47E00-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearSuzuki EN 125 2A Pure..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.18€

Seal MK-19

Pieza/Part YAMAHANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket1HX-14147-00-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearsYamaha XVZ 1300 A R..

10.77€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

MK-250 Float Bowl Gasket

Pieza/Part YAMAHANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta de Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket5H0-14384-00-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearSR12510F1989-2002..

4.27€ Ex Tax: 3.53€