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HS Spare Parts

HS Spare Parts

HS Spare Parts

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Mikuni TM32/90 Needle Clip

Needle clip for Mikuni carburetors.Usable with the following carburetors.HS/HSRHS40HSR42HSR45HSR48TM..

1.67€ Ex Tax: 1.38€

Needle Valve Mikuni H36/HS40

Needle valve assembly (3.3) Usable on Mikuni models HS36/HS40 ..

36.97€ Ex Tax: 30.55€

Starter Cable Assembly HS36/HS40

Starter cable assembly for Mikuni carburetor type TM36-31 (HS36) T..

68.18€ Ex Tax: 56.35€

Float ORIGINAL Mikuni HS36/HS40

Float oriiginal Mikuni for carburetor type HSModels TM36-31 (HS36) TM40-6 (HS40) ..

30.77€ Ex Tax: 25.43€

Seal Float Bowl Mikuni HS36/HS40

Seal float bowl usable with Mikuni HS (TM)Models TM36-31 TM40-6 ..

8.41€ Ex Tax: 6.95€

Main Jet Mikuni N100.604

Original Mikuni Jet N100.604Valid for carburetor types MikuniStandards VM12-8069/VM14-8340 ..

7.32€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Seal Cover Mikuni HS36/HS40

Seal for cover usable with Mikuni TM 4TModels TM36-31 (HS36) TM40-6 (HS40) ..

5.51€ Ex Tax: 4.55€

Pilot Jet Mikuni VM28/486

Pilot Jet Original Mikuni VM28/486 for carburetor type TM 4T, RS y HSR..

7.32€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Repair Kit Mikuni HS36/HS40

Repair kit for carburetor type HSModels TM36-31 (HS36) TM40-6 (HS40) ..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.50€

Needle Jet Mikuni HS40

Needle Jet for Mikuni carburetor type HS40 Y4 = +Leaner Y6 = Stand..

18.63€ Ex Tax: 15.40€