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TM Series 2-stroke

TM Series 2-stroke

TM Series 2-stroke

Mikuni's TM Series flat side carburetors provide a significant performance improvements over older roundslide carburetors. Air flows faster, smoother through theTM Series venturi and jet blocks due to the flat slide design which help create a smooth bore effect. The high velocity air flow means a stronger vacuum at the needle jet for more precise metering, better throttle response.

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TM 24-9

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 190 Pilot Jet (baja..

169.41€ Ex Tax: 140.01€

TM 28 (VM28-418)

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 180 Pilot Jet (baja..

153.28€ Ex Tax: 126.68€

TM 32-1

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 250 Pilot Jet (baja..

223.51€ Ex Tax: 184.72€

TM 34-2

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 280 Pilot Jet (baja..

245.97€ Ex Tax: 203.28€

TM 36-2

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 280 Pilot Jet (baja..

220.22€ Ex Tax: 182.00€

TM 38-85

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 230 Pilot Jet (baja..

227.90€ Ex Tax: 188.35€