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Mikuni Accessories-Carb Boots

Mikuni Accessories-Carb Boots

Mikuni Accessories and Carb Boots


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Mikuni Rubber Carb Flange

Referencia MikuniDimensión ADimensión IDimensión FDimensión GI-VM28-200-160 mm35 mm30 mm28 mmI-VM30-200-157 mm37 mm30 mm23 mmI-VM32-200-175 mm40 m..

37.17€ Ex Tax: 30.72€

Accelerator Dual Mikuni TDMR/Yamaha TRX850

Push-Pull accelerator for Mikuni Mikuni TDMR/Yamaha TRX850 4-stroke carburet..

88.91€ Ex Tax: 73.48€

Acelerador Dual 002

Push-Pull accelerator for Mikuni RS34, RS36, RS38, RS40 4-stroke racing carburetor.&nb..

96.09€ Ex Tax: 79.41€

Acelerador Dual 013

Push-Pull accelerator for Mikuni TM de 4-stroke carburetor type. ..

134.99€ Ex Tax: 111.56€

Mikuni CNC Velocity Stacks for TMR/TDMR

Set of 4 Mikuni CNC made velocity stacks for TMR/TDMR carburetors. Available in 20 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm lengths depending on carb type.TMR..

174.03€ Ex Tax: 143.82€

Velocity Stacks Mikuni

Set of 4 Mikuni velocity stacks for TM36-31/TM40-6 carburetors. Available in 15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm. ..

139.95€ Ex Tax: 115.66€

Kit Power Jet 22

Power jet kit for Mikuni TM and VM carburetors. ..

54.39€ Ex Tax: 44.95€

Mikuni 40º Cable Guide VM/TM/TMX

40º elbow kit for Mikuni carburetor type TM, TMX and VM. ..

22.74€ Ex Tax: 18.79€

Mikuni 90º Cable Guide VM/TM/TMX

100º elbow kit for Mikuni carburetor type TM, TMX and VM. ..

22.74€ Ex Tax: 18.79€