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Triumph Keihin CVK

Replacement float Triumph motorcycles equipped with Keihin CVK carburetorsModelsTriumph motorcycles with Keihin CVK carburetorsManufacturers Part Numb..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

Fuel Line 5 x 9 mm.

Fuel line for motorcycles 5 x 9 mm.Sold in meters. Enter in "Quantity" the number of meters desired. ..

5.17€ Ex Tax: 4.27€

Fuel Line 6 x 11 mm.

Fuel line for motorcycles 6x 11mm.Sold in meters. Enter in "Quantity" the number of meters desired. ..

5.17€ Ex Tax: 4.27€

In-tank Fuel Pump 900

Pieza/PartNúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeBomba Combustible/Fuel PumpT1240330-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearsDaytona 675-2006-2014Speed Triple..

149.99€ Ex Tax: 123.96€

Screw Pack 4 X 16 JIS

Screw kit (4) 4x 16mm JIS type screws for Mikuni and Keihin carburetors. ..

3.27€ Ex Tax: 2.70€

Triumph Needle Kit

Needle and needle jet kit for Keihin carburetors on the following models:OEM Part Number del fabricante 1240053-T0301 Needle Jet 1240047-T0301..

139.31€ Ex Tax: 115.13€

Triumph-Mikuni Needle Valve

Pieza/Part TRIUMPH-MIKUNINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeAguja de Cierre/Needle ValveAguja Solamente/Needle Only-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/Yea..

8.77€ Ex Tax: 7.25€

Diaphragm Triumph Keihin CVK

OEM Part Number T1241019Models Models Triumph with Keihin CVK 36 ..

35.90€ Ex Tax: 29.67€

Triumph-Mikuni Carb Repair Kit

Repair kit for Mikuni BST36.Usable with the following models; Triumph Adventurer 96-98 Triumph Daytona 90-96 Triumph Speed Triple 94-96 Triump..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Fuel Inlet Kit 23026

Fuel Inlet "T" Kit for Mikuni BST36.TriumphModels Triumph Adventurer 96-98 Triumph Daytona 90-96 Triumph Speed Triple 94-96 Triumph Sprin..

30.61€ Ex Tax: 25.30€

Repair Kit Triumph-Keihin

Repair kit for Keihin CVK.Usable with the following modelsAdventurer 1996-2001Legend TT 1999-2001Sprint 1993-1998Speedmaster 2003-2008Scrambler 20..

14.99€ Ex Tax: 12.39€

Pilot Jet N424-21 Keihin

Keihin reference N424-21-XXX Keyster brand jet "Made in Japan"Applications: CVK20, FCR-MX, PD22, PE20, 26, 28, 30mm, PJ34, 36, 38mm, PWM 34, 36, ..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Pilot Jet Keihin Type N424-25B

Precision jet made in Japan Keihin type 424-25B-XXX ..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Triumph Keihin Needle Valve

Float needle for carburetor types Keihin CVK.Applicable to the following models.Adventurer 1996-2001Legend TT 1999-2001Sprint 1993-1998Speedmaster 200..

13.31€ Ex Tax: 11.00€

Guía Válvula Acelerador Triumph

Throttle valve guide for carburetor type Mikunirequires valve guide O-ring. TriumphTriumph all 3 and 4 cyl. equipped with Mikuni BST36 ..

35.42€ Ex Tax: 29.28€

Pilot Mixture Screw N138192-KIT

Pilot Mixture Screw ORIGINAL Mikuni for carburetorKit includes Pilot mixture screw N138192 Spring N138187 Seal O-ring N133037 Wash..

11.85€ Ex Tax: 9.79€

Float Mikuni Triumph

Float ORIGINAL Mikuni usable with the following models.Triumph all 3 and 4 cylinder engines with Mikuni BST36 ..

40.99€ Ex Tax: 33.88€