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Cagiva Canyon 500 Throttle Valve

Throttle valve for Mikuni carburetorsCagiva Canyon 500..

44.44€ Ex Tax: 36.73€

Mikuni Choke Retention Nut

Mikuni plastic choke retention nut for Mikuni carburetors.Applicable to the following motorcycles.Modelo/ModelCarburador/CarburetorBMW F650BST33KTM 64..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.88€

Air Cut Diaphragm Y003

Pieza/Part YAMAHANúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeMembrana Corte de Aire/Air Cut Valve22U-1490H-00-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/YearYamaha XV 535 ..

17.90€ Ex Tax: 14.79€

Fuel Line 5 x 9 mm.

Fuel line for motorcycles 5 x 9 mm.Sold in meters. Enter in "Quantity" the number of meters desired. ..

5.17€ Ex Tax: 4.27€

Fuel Line 6 x 11 mm.

Fuel line for motorcycles 6x 11mm.Sold in meters. Enter in "Quantity" the number of meters desired. ..

5.17€ Ex Tax: 4.27€

Mikuni-Ducati Needle Valve

Pieza/Part DUCATI-MIKUNINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeAguja de Cierre/Needle ValveAguja Solamente/Needle Only-Modelo/ModelTipo/TypeAños/Year..

8.77€ Ex Tax: 7.25€

Needle Valve 16Q2T

Pieza/Part SUZUKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeAguja de Cierre/Needle Valve13250-12E0013250-12EH013250-13D0013250-17C0013250-40C0013250-20C0..

8.77€ Ex Tax: 7.25€

Screw Pack 4 X 16 JIS

Screw kit (4) 4x 16mm JIS type screws for Mikuni and Keihin carburetors. ..

2.52€ Ex Tax: 2.08€

Cagiva 750, 900 Elefant

Diaphragm ORIGINAL Mikuni for Mikuni BDST38.Cagiva 750, 900 Elefant ..

39.99€ Ex Tax: 33.05€

Cagiva 750, 900 Elefant

Diaphragm ORIGINAL Mikuni with throttle valve for Mikuni BDST38.Cagiva 750, 900 Elefant ..

82.84€ Ex Tax: 68.46€

Cagiva Elefant 750, 900

Cagiva 750, 900 Elefant with Mikuni BDST38. ..

31.92€ Ex Tax: 26.38€

Fuel Inlet T Kit

Fuel Inlet "T" Kit for Mikuni BST y BDST.Suzki part number OEM = 13685-44B00 (T) OEM = 13673-44B00 (Reten)Suzuki Models DR750 ..

26.89€ Ex Tax: 22.22€

Air Cut Valve Cover

Cover for the air cut valve on MIkuni BDST carburetors.Models Yamaha XTZ750 TDM850 TRX850Cagiva Elefant 750-900Ducati 600-750-900 (wi..

16.77€ Ex Tax: 13.86€

Air Cut Valve Cover Cagiva W12

Cover for the air cut valve on MIkuni BST carburetors Cagiva W12 350...

50.82€ Ex Tax: 42.00€

O-ring Mikuni Pilot Screw

4 x Seal O-ring pilot mixture screw for Mikuni..

15.39€ Ex Tax: 12.72€

Throttle Valve Guide Cagiva Elefant 750/900

Throttle valve guide for carburetor type Mikuni BDST38,requires valve guide O-ring.Cagiva Elefant 750/900 BDST38..

35.42€ Ex Tax: 29.28€

Seal K41

Seal Original MikuniOEM Part Number Suzuki 13258-44B00Models Suzuki DR250 1990-1995 Suzuki DR350 - 1990-1997 BST33 Suzuki GSF400 - BST33 ..

10.29€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

Pilot Mixture Screw N138175-KIT

Pilot Mixture Screw for carburetor type ORIGINAL Mikuni N138175Kit includes Pilot mixture screw N138175 Spring N133206 Seal O-ring N133037 Was..

10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.42€

Float ORIGINAL Mikuni Cagiva Elefant 750/900

Float ORIGINAL Mikuni usable with the following models.Cagiva Elefant 750 / 900 with Mikuni BDST38..

40.08€ Ex Tax: 33.12€