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Hyosung carburetor parts

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Hyosung Air Cut Diaphragm GT/GV650

Air cut diaphragmOEM Part Number13335HN9100 ModelsGT650GV650 ..

29.71€ Ex Tax: 24.55€

Hyosung Jet Block Screw Short

2 original Mikuni jet block screw (short)Hyosung ..

15.97€ Ex Tax: 13.20€

Float Bowl Gasket Hyosung GT/GV650

Usable onOEM Part Number13323HN9100ModelsGT650GV650 ..

10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.42€

Hyosung GT/GV650 Kit

Usable onOEM Part Number13323HN910013375HN9100ModelsGT650GV650 ..

19.99€ Ex Tax: 16.52€

Main Jet Mikuni Type N102221

ORIGINAL Mikuni Jet N102.221Applications: Super BN 38, BN44, BN46, BN38I, BN40I, BN44I, BN46I, with Standards 171, 188, 196 needle je..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Main Jet Mikuni N100604

Mikuni Main Jet N100604 type.Main jet for Hyosung GT/GV125 and GT/GV250 motorcycles...

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Needle Valve Hyosung GT/GV650

Needle valve assembly usable on.OEM Part Number13323HN9100ModelsGT650GV650..

12.08€ Ex Tax: 9.98€

Needle Valve Hyosung GV/GT125 GT/GV250

Pieza/Part HYOSUNGNúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeAguja de Cierre/Needle Valve13375HJ823013374HG510013375HG510013376HG510013377HG51001.5Modelo..

12.90€ Ex Tax: 10.66€

Pilot Jet Hyosung GT/GV125, GT/GV250

Pilot Jet made in Japan for Hyosung GT/GV125, GT/GV250..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

ORIGINAL Mikuni Float for Hyosung GT/GV650

ORIGINAL Mikuni float for the Hyosung GT/GV650 motorcycle.Manufacturers Part Number13379HN9100..

30.63€ Ex Tax: 25.31€

Pilot Mixture Screw Hyosung GT/GV 125-GT/GV250

Pilot Mixture Screw for carburetor type ORIGINAL Mikuni N138175Kit includes Pilot mixture screw  Spring Seal O-ring Washer Hyosu..

10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.42€

Float Bowl Gasket Hyosung GV/GT125 GT/GV250

Pieza/Part HYOSUNGNúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeJunta Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket13323HG5100-Hyosung GT 125 NakedKM4MF51B2003-2006Hyosung GT 12..

10.77€ Ex Tax: 8.90€

Needle Valve Kit Hyosung GV/GT125 GT/GV250

Pieza/Part HYOSUNGNúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeKit Reparación/Repair Kit--Hyosung GT 125 NakedKM4MF51B2003-2006Hyosung GT 125 NakedKM4MF52B..

42.62€ Ex Tax: 35.22€

Hyosung GT/GV650 Diaphragm

ORIGINAL Mikuni DiaphragmOEM Part Number13338HN9100Models (with carburetors)GT650GV650 ..

32.00€ Ex Tax: 26.45€

Hyosung GT/GV125 GT/GV250

Hyosung Hyosung GT/GV125 GT/GV250 with Mikuni carburetorPart Number13375HJ823013374HG510013375HG510013376HG510013377HG5100ModelsGT125 CometGT125R ..

25.90€ Ex Tax: 21.40€

Diaphragm Hyosung GT/GV250

Mikuni diaphragm with throttle valve for Hyosung GV/GT125 and GV/GT250OEM Part Number13338HG5100 ModelsGT/GV 250 ..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.64€