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Keihin Float Pin

Float pin for Keihin carburetors.Series PE 20-38 mm FCR 33-41 mm FCR-MX 37-41 mm PJ 34-38 mm PWM 38PWK28 ​PWK 33-41 mm ..

4.54€ Ex Tax: 3.75€

Keihin Needle Clip

Original Keihin needle clip for Keihin PWK, PWM, PJ and PE series carburetors. ..

2.64€ Ex Tax: 2.18€

Keihin PWM Cable Holder

Cable holder screw for Keihin PWM38 carburetors ..

15.22€ Ex Tax: 12.58€

KH-207 Seal

Top cover seal for the Keihin PWM38 carburetorYZ250 PWM38 96-98 TM-Racing 125/250 Cross 1999-2004 ..

12.80€ Ex Tax: 10.58€

PWK-PWM Spring Collar

PWK Spring Collar 33-41 mm PWM 38Part No. 31 on PWK exploded view Part No. 46 on PWM exploded view ..

7.48€ Ex Tax: 6.18€

Screw Pack 4 X 16 JIS

Screw kit (4) 4x 16mm JIS type screws for Mikuni and Keihin carburetors. ..

3.27€ Ex Tax: 2.70€

Vent Tubes Set for PWK and PWM carburetors.

Genuine Keihin set of vent tubes for PWK35, PWK36 y PWK38 Quad Vent/Air Striker y PWM38 carburetors. (Colored dark pink in the photo, 2 tubes in total..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 10.74€

Main Jet Keihin Hexagonal 99101-357

Main jet Keihin type 99101-357-XXX Made in Japan.Applications: CR Special, FCR, FCR-MX, PE, PJ, PWK, PWM. ..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Pilot Jet N424-21 Keihin

Keihin reference N424-21-XXX Keyster brand jet "Made in Japan"Applications: CVK20, FCR-MX, PD22, PE20, 26, 28, 30mm, PJ34, 36, 38mm, PWM 34, 36, ..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Pilot Mixture Screw Keihin PJ, PWK, PWM

Pilot Mixture Screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew and spring.OEM Part Number Gas-Gas OEM =ME25690029 Honda OEM =16016-ML3-9..

9.18€ Ex Tax: 7.59€

Idle Screw Keihin PWK

Idle screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew and Spring.Pilot Mixture Screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew an..

9.10€ Ex Tax: 7.52€

Starter Keihin PWM38

Complete replacement starter original Keihin for 1 PWM38. ..

48.28€ Ex Tax: 39.90€

Kit Seals PWM38

Replacement seals kit Original Keihin for 1 Keihin Standards PWM38YZ250 PWM38 96-98 TM-Racing 125/250 Cross 1999-2004..

22.76€ Ex Tax: 18.81€

Float Keihin FCR-MX, PWM, PWK-AG

Float ORIGINAL Keihin for carburetor type FCR-MX, PWM, PWK-AGOEM Part Number Gas-GasOEM = 4SR-14985-00 Honda OEM =16013-MEB-671 Husqvarna OEM =..

42.30€ Ex Tax: 34.96€