Producing power without compromise, Keihin PWK carburetors have set the standard for ATV, motocross, and offroad racing carburetors. Because of there great performance, they come stock on a lot of leading brand names. PWK features include: • Chromed semi-flat (D shape) throttle valve for excellent response and more flow at high RPM. 
• Throttle Bores sized to give maximum power.
• Quad Vents - Eliminates post jump bogging from fuel plugged vent passages.
• PWK Air Strikers - Directs air to main nozzle for improved signal and throttle response.

PWK carburetors are available in Standard (Non Air Striker) and Air Striker/Quad Vent.

Parts diagram Keihin PWK 28 No Air Striker
Parts diagram Keihin PWK 33-41 mm Air Striker

Parts diagram Keihin PWM 38 Quad Vent


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AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 28 mm

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, standard configurationMain Jet = 135 Pilot Jet = 38 Needle = 46-JJH Throttle Valve Cutawa..

299.99€ Ex Tax: 247.93€

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 36 mm Quad Vent/Air Striker

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, Standard SettingsMain Jet = 165 Pilot Jet = 55 Needle = 48-DGJ Throttle Valve Cutaway 5.0 Float Height 16 mmExt. di..

339.99€ Ex Tax: 280.98€

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 38 mm Quad Vent/Air Striker

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, Standard SettingsMain Jet = 170 Pilot Jet = 55 Needle = 48-DDJ Throttle Valve Cutaway 7.0 Float Height 16 mm ..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€


AUTHENTIC Keihin PWM 38, Standard SettingsMain Jet = 175 Pilot Jet = 50 Needle = 48-CCJ Throttle Valve Cutaway ..

449.00€ Ex Tax: 371.07€