Petcock Repair Kit 3

Petcock Repair Kit 3

Fuel petcock repair kit for the following models;


Z400J (K400J) 1980-1982
Z440 (KZ440B1-B2) 1980-1981
Z440 (KZ4401-C2, H1-H2) 1980-1984
Z440 (KZ440G1) 1982
Z440 LTD (KZ440A1-A4, D1-D5)
Z500B (KZ500B) 1979-1982
Z550GP (K550D) 1981
Z550LTD (KZ550C1-C4) 1980-1983
ZR550 (K550A1-A4) 1980-1983
ZL600 Eliminator (ZL600A) 1986-1988
ZL600 Eliminator (ZL600B) from 1995
Z650CSR (KZ650H1) 1981
Z750LTD (KZ750K/Y) 2 Cilindros 1982-1984

SR250SE 1980-1982
XZ550 (11U/11V) 1982-1984
SRX600 (1XL/1XM) 1986-1990)
XJ650 (4KO/11R/27F/27G) 1980-1985
XJ750 Seca 11M) 1982-1984
XV750SE Special (5G5/5K4 1981-1983
XV920 SE Special 1981-1983
XV1000, TR1 (5A8/19T) 1981-1982
XV1000SE Special (23W) 1983-1985
XV1000 Virago (2AE/3DR) 1986-1988

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