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Kit TM KTM 400 LC4

Kit TM36-31 for KTM 400 (all)Kit includes;TM36-31 pre-jetted for standard airbox Fits original engine intake rubb..

438.44€ Ex Tax: 362.35€

Float Bowl Gasket TM32-TM38

Float bowl gasket for Mikuni carburetorsModelsTM32-1TM34-2TM36-2TM38-85TM38-86 ..

7.24€ Ex Tax: 5.98€

Mikuni Needle Jet Series 389

Mikuni Series 389 needle jets for use with the following carburetors (Example photo only)ModelsTM32-1TM34-2TM36-2TM38-85TM38-86..

18.63€ Ex Tax: 15.40€

Mikuni Needle Jet Series 568

Mikuni Series 568 Needle JetsFor use with the following TM 4-stroke carburetorsTM36-31 use P-0 to P-8TM40-6 use Y-0 to Z-2..

18.63€ Ex Tax: 15.40€

Mikuni TM 36-31 Carburetor

Specifications Main Jet (alta) 135 Pilot Jet (baja) 17,5 Needle Jet (dif..

383.28€ Ex Tax: 316.76€

Mikuni TM36 Dual KIt for BMW F650

Mikuni kit of TM36 Dual kit for BMW F650 with stock engine.Kit includes;2 x TM36 pre-jetted carburetor to use with velocity stacks or pod filters.Usab..

799.69€ Ex Tax: 660.90€

Mikuni TM36 KIt for BMW Boxer

Mikuni kit of two TM36 kit for BMW boxer 750, 900, 1000 with stock engine...

664.89€ Ex Tax: 549.49€

Mikuni TM40 Kit for BMW Boxer

Mikuni kit of two TM40 kit for BMW boxer engines with enhanced performance. (Sample photo)..

822.56€ Ex Tax: 679.80€

Mikuni TM42 KIt for BMW Boxer

Mikuni kit of two TM42 kit for BMW boxer1000 with racing engine.(Sample photo)..

1,004.13€ Ex Tax: 829.86€

Mikuni VM18/341 Needle Clip

Needle clip for Mikuni carburetors.Usable with the following carburetors.VMVM20-151VM20-179VM24-473VM26-665VM26-8637VM26-8639VM28-57VM30-83VM32-193VM3..

1.96€ Ex Tax: 1.62€

Mixture Screw TM32-TM38

Mixture screw kit for Mikuni TM carburetorsModelsTM32-1TM34-2TM36-2TM38-85TM38-86 ..

15.46€ Ex Tax: 12.78€

Pilot Mixture Screw 604-26003-kit

Pilot Mixture Screw ORIGINAL Mikuni for TM carburetorsKit includes: Pilot mixture screw Spring Seal O-ring WasherModelsTM36-31TM40-6 ..

16.64€ Ex Tax: 13.75€

Rear Body Gasket TM36-TM38

Gasket for the front/body of the Mikuni carburetorsModelsTM36-2TM38-85TM38-86 ..

11.29€ Ex Tax: 9.33€

TM36-TM38 Top Cover Gasket

The top cover gasket for Mikuni carburetorsModelsTM36-2TM38-85TM38-86 ..

4.90€ Ex Tax: 4.05€

Needle Valve Mikuni 786-46001

Needle valve assembly for Mikuni TM carburetorsTM32-1TM34-2TM36-2TM38-85TM38-86Pieza/Part KAWASAKINúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/SizeAguja de Cie..

29.99€ Ex Tax: 24.79€

Kit TM Honda XR400

Kit TM 36 for Honda XR400 (all years)Kit includes;TM36-31 pre-jetted for std airbox with intake rubber removed Fi..

438.44€ Ex Tax: 362.35€


Mikuni TM34 Dual carburetor kits. Distance A-B is the distance center-to-center of the intake side.Pieza/Part Carburador Dual/Dual Carbureto..

777.30€ Ex Tax: 642.40€

Mikuni TM 36-2 Carburetor

Especificaciones/SpecificationsDataRecambio/Spare PartChiclé Alta/Main Jet2804/042-Medida/SizeChiclé Baja/Pilot Jet50VM22/210-Medida/SizeChiclé Aguja ..

234.46€ Ex Tax: 193.77€

Kit TM Dual Suzuki DR750/800

Kit TM 36 B-78 for Suzuki DR750/DR800Kit includes;TM36 B-78 Pre-jetted for velocity stacks or K&N filters F..

777.34€ Ex Tax: 642.43€

Seal Float Bowl Mikuni HS36/HS40

Seal float bowl usable with Mikuni HS (TM)Models TM36-31 TM40-6 ..

9.47€ Ex Tax: 7.83€

Float Mikuni VM24/236

Float kit with 2 ORIGINAL Mikuni floats usable with the following models.VM36-4 VM38-9 VM40-4 VM44-3 spigot typeTM32-1 TM34-2 TM36-2 TM3..

24.99€ Ex Tax: 20.65€

Seal Cover Mikuni HS36/HS40

Seal for cover usable with Mikuni TM 4TModels TM36-31 (HS36) TM40-6 (HS40) ..

6.42€ Ex Tax: 5.30€

Starter Mikuni Cable 32

Starter cable kit to replace carb body type starterModelsTM27-8006TM35-1TM38-18TM38-27TM38-131TM38-157TMX38-1TMX38-2TMX38-5TM32-1TM34-2TM36-2TM38-85TM..

31.16€ Ex Tax: 25.75€

Repair Kit Mikuni HS36/HS40

Repair kit for carburetor type HSModels TM36-31 (HS36) TM40-6 (HS40) ..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.50€

Starter Mikuni TM36-1, TM40-6

Replacement starter (thread 12mm) Original Mikuni for carburetor type Mikuni TM32-61 ..

28.84€ Ex Tax: 23.84€

Starter Mikuni VM/TM/TMX

ORIGINAL Mikuni choke kit (10mm thread)for Mikuni carburetor type Standard TM y TMX Standard VM TM27-8006 VM17-..

22.44€ Ex Tax: 18.55€

Needle Valve Mikuni TMX2

Needle valve assembly ORIGINAL Mikuni Usable with Mikuni models TMX38-1, TMX38-2 (oval slide) TM36-68, T-36-31, TM40-6 4-stroke, y TMR individualsPi..

36.97€ Ex Tax: 30.55€

Throttle Valve TM36-2

Throttle Valve Original Mikuni for TM36-2 ..

51.02€ Ex Tax: 42.16€