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AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 28 mm

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, standard configurationMain Jet = 135 Pilot Jet = 38 Needle = 46-JJH Throttle Valve Cutawa..

299.99€ Ex Tax: 247.93€

Keihin Float Pin

Float pin for Keihin carburetors.Series PE 20-38 mm FCR 33-41 mm FCR-MX 37-41 mm PJ 34-38 mm PWM 38PWK28 ​PWK 33-41 mm ..

4.54€ Ex Tax: 3.75€

Keihin Needle Clip

Original Keihin needle clip for Keihin PWK, PWM, PJ and PE series carburetors. ..

2.64€ Ex Tax: 2.18€

KH-032-22 Keihin PWK Short Body Jet Block Seal

Original Keihin Jet block seal for PWK 33-41mm short body carburetors with 2 screw type throttle valve cover. ..

18.51€ Ex Tax: 15.30€

KH-416 Gasket

Original Keihin top cover gasket for Keihin round top PWK 33-41 mm and PJ38 carburetors. ..

11.20€ Ex Tax: 9.26€

KH-532 Jet Block Seal PWK33-41

Original Keihin Jet block seal for PWK 33-41mm carburetors with round throttle valve cover. ..

20.55€ Ex Tax: 16.98€

KH-664 Drain Plug O-ring

Keihin drain plug O-ring for the following series of carburetors.FCR-MXPWK 28PWK 33-41PWK 39PJPWMPE ..

0.99€ Ex Tax: 0.82€

PWK-PWM Spring Collar

PWK Spring Collar 33-41 mm PWM 38Part No. 31 on PWK exploded view Part No. 46 on PWM exploded view ..

7.48€ Ex Tax: 6.18€

Vent Tubes Set for PWK and PWM carburetors.

Genuine Keihin set of vent tubes for PWK35, PWK36 y PWK38 Quad Vent/Air Striker y PWM38 carburetors. (Colored dark pink in the photo, 2 tubes in total..

12.99€ Ex Tax: 10.74€

ORIGINAL Keihin PWK Throttle Valve Keihin

Throttle Valve Original Keihin for Keihin.PWK 36 Quad Vent PWK 38-39-41 PWK 38 Air StrikerCondition: UsedOEM Part NumberGas-Ga..

86.37€ Ex Tax: 71.38€

Main Jet Keihin Hexagonal 99101-357

Main jet Keihin type 99101-357-XXX Made in Japan.Applications: CR Special, FCR, FCR-MX, PE, PJ, PWK, PWM. ..

6.99€ Ex Tax: 5.78€

Cable Holder Screw PWK

Keihin Cable Holder PWK 33-35-36-38-39-41OEM Part Number Gas-Gas OEM = ME25690023 KTM OEM =54631232000Models Gas-Gas All 2 stroke with PW..

11.99€ Ex Tax: 9.91€

Pilot Mixture Screw Keihin PJ, PWK, PWM

Pilot Mixture Screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew and spring.OEM Part Number Gas-Gas OEM =ME25690029 Honda OEM =16016-ML3-9..

9.18€ Ex Tax: 7.59€

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 36 mm Quad Vent/Air Striker

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, Standard SettingsMain Jet = 165 Pilot Jet = 55 Needle = 48-DGJ Throttle Valve Cutaway 5.0 Float Height 16 mmExt. di..

339.99€ Ex Tax: 280.98€

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK 38 mm Quad Vent/Air Striker

AUTHENTIC Keihin PWK, Standard SettingsMain Jet = 170 Pilot Jet = 55 Needle = 48-DDJ Throttle Valve Cutaway 7.0 Float Height 16 mm ..

349.99€ Ex Tax: 289.25€

Float Keihin PWK28, PE24

Float ORIGINAL Keihin PWK 28, PE24.Honda CR80R 1984-2002 CR80RB 1996-2002 CR85R 2003-2006 CR85RB 2003-2006Kawasaki KX80L1/L2 1988-1989 K..

25.65€ Ex Tax: 21.20€

Idle Screw Keihin PWK

Idle screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew and Spring.Pilot Mixture Screw Original Keihin for PJ, PWK, PWMIncludes scew an..

9.10€ Ex Tax: 7.52€

Float Bowl Screw Keihin FCR-MX, PWK, PJ,PE

ORIGINAL Keihin usable with the following modelsPWK, PJ, PWM, PE (20-38 mm), FCR-MX (Includes Oring)OEM Part NumberGas-GasME25690015 Hus..

9.98€ Ex Tax: 8.25€

Seal Keihin PWK AG

Keihin float bowl seal usable withOEM Part NumberHonda OEM = 16163-KZ3-B10 Kawasaki OEM = 11060-1254 KTM OEM = 54831010000 Suzuki OEM = 13..

7.99€ Ex Tax: 6.60€

Starter Keihin PWK

Complete replacement starter original Keihin for 1 PWK 28-39OEM Part Number Gas-Gas ME25690011 Kawasaki OEM =16016-1085 KTM OEM = 54631245000 ..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Float ORIGINAL Keihin PWK33-41, PJ34-38

Float ORIGINAL Keihin for carburetor type PWK 33-41 mm (round top) y PJ 34-38.OEM Part Number Gas-Gas OEM = ME25690012 Honda OEM =16013-KA3-741 ..

32.38€ Ex Tax: 26.76€