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CRF450X 2005-2006

CRF450X 2005-2006
Pieza/PartMedida/SizeNúmero Referencia/Part Number
Junta de Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket16163-MEB-671
Aguja de Cierre/Needle Valve16011-KZ3-J11
Tornillo Regulación/Pilot Screw16016-MEB-671
Chiclé Principal/Main Jet14299101-357-1420
Chiclé de Baja/Pilot Jet4599103-GBF-0450
Chiclé de Fuga/Leak Jet7099108-KRN-0700
Chiclé Starter/Starter Jet7099112-MEY-0700
Chiclé de Aire Piloto/Pilot Air Jet10099104-MEB-1000
Aguja/Jet NeedleNCVU16232-MEB-671
Tóricas Varias/Various O-ringsVer Imagen/See Picture

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Tags: CRF450X, 16163MEB671, 16011KZ3J11, 16016MEB671, 991013571700, 99103GBF0400, 99108MEB0550, 99112MEB0720, 99104MEB1000, 16232MEB671, PE06