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CB 600F Hornet, PC34 1998-1999

CB 600F Hornet, PC34 1998-1999

Keyster carburetor repair kit for the Honda CB 600F, PC34 1998-2004 (1 kit = 4 carburetors).

Pieza/PartNúmero Referencia/Part NumberMedida/Size
Junta de Cubeta/Float Bowl Gasket16010-MZ5-920-
Aguja de Cierre/Needle Valve16155-MBZ-K31-
Junta Subcámara/Subchamber Gasket16010-MZ5-920-
Tornillo Regulación/Pilot Screw16016-MY5-850-
Chiclé Principal/Main Jet99101-GHB-1000#100
Chiclé Principal/Main Jet99101-GHB-1020#102
Chiclé Baja/Pilot Jet99103-MT2-040#40
Tóricas Varias/Various O-rings--

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  • Brand: Keyster
  • Product Code: MB-KH-1473
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 159.90€
  • Ex Tax: 132.15€

Tags: CB600F, PC34